Alma Nilsson.

 Science Fiction About Women

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I am an author of science fiction based in a fictional future where humans are small-time players in the big-time galaxy. 

The Renascence Alliance Series books are true to the science fiction genre in that they make the reader question their own morality in the characters' situations. There are no heroes or women being rescued in any of my stories, instead, readers are led through a maze of alien courting customs, strict religious codes, and compromises, often uncomfortable, between men and women to come to solutions that work for both within the confines of  Alliance culture. 

Each book in the Alliance series follows a completely different woman on her individual journey into this alien world.  I would like to think a reader could pick up any book in the Renascence Alliance series and figure it out, however, at the end of each blurb is recommended books to read beforehand from the series for more insight. 

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