• Alma Nilsson

Private Message for Madame Jesse of House Vo Encoded and Locked

Updated: Mar 18, 2021


This is Kol on a message account I’ve not used in years. Make sure you have enabled your messages to private and locked it with your eyes, DNA, and Alliance code before you listen to the rest of the message. Once you have set it to private, you can unlock my message with your DNA and the password. I have no doubt you will guess the password. You have ten tries.

My Human,

I think of you often. And I must admit that I check your social media frequently. I saw some images of you in Capital City Gossip of you all dressed up in maximum class clothing being paraded around like an ideal human citizen around by your sister. And I couldn’t help but notice the copious amount of guards trailing you. I have been back and forth about whether or not I’ve delivered you to the devil or not. I know that I cannot expect any reassurances from you. But I guess, it just eases my conscious a little to let you know I haven’t felt good about leaving you.

It’s been a month since I left you and I think about you often. I have your Earth flower tiara, all dried and shriveled but still beautiful and here in my quarters. I had it put in a transparent preserver case so that it will not decay any further. I hope the same will be true for our relationship. I know what the doctor at Space Port One said to you about lovesickness. This is not a lovesickness, and please don’t let those around you convince you of that. You are not Alliance. You are human, and you are my other half. We will be together.

I have attached a hologram of myself to this message. You can use it as you like. You can download it to the bed function. I won’t ever know if you use it or not. No need to send one back to me as I have yours from when you were on the Ora, however, I’d never use it without your permission. Do I have your permission?

I will be on the Capital Planet in three weeks. I hope that we can plan a secret rendezvous? I know some places we could meet that class has no bearing. I can arrange everything if you think you can escape on your own for a few hours? In the meantime, I have a standing order with Frank from the Earth Store to send you a bottle of the wine, the same that we drank on our journey to the Capital Planet, and a bouquet of flowers every week. I’m sure you knew they were from me despite having no name attached. Please think of me as often as I think of you.

I worry you will find some maximum class man. I look for images of you whenever I can to check your jewelry. If I was of maximum class, I would have already put a ban on you, you know.

If I don’t hear back, I assume you cannot make the rendezvous, or you didn’t know how to unlock this message.

I don’t know what else to say. I’m somewhere between guilt, regret, and knowing I did the right thing.

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