• Alma Nilsson

Prostitution in the Alliance Empire

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

The books in the Alliance series are meant to ask a question about a fictional, what-if scenario.

The prostitution in Alliance society is asking the real question, ‘How connected are love and sex?’ As sex is a primal instinct, but is love? Separating love from lust. And, is it possible to separate sex and love in a marriage that will last centuries?

The Alliance Empire is a world that wants to control everything. Therefore, they are great planners, always trying to anticipate the future to maintain an efficient and highly functioning society. Therefore, the prostitution, which is much more like ancient Japanese geishas, is to anticipate people’s need for sex. When you live to be 300 years old and men are away for long periods of time, it is unlikely to think that either party would stay faithful to one another. Therefore, the systematic prostitution, which the characters often themselves refer to as ‘hollow’ because sex without love is just sex. But you as the reader must make that choice for yourself. Would you want what Dru has chosen? Or rather how Kara deals with the situation of slave artists? Is there a one-fits-all societal solution to controlling our primal desires?

Modern marriages are more about partnership than anything else, but to deny that there is animal instinct for sex and sex with others after a long period of time is to not acknowledge the large white elephant in the room. Adultery is common with over 50% of adults saying they have committed at one time or another. So why not ask the question, ‘How much do sex and love overlap?’ and ‘How far are we prepared as a society to acknowledge this and integrate consensual adultery on one level or another?’

My books have romance in them but are not your typical science fiction romance books, none of my characters are heroes, but they serve the purpose to ask, 'What choices are we making as a society about immigration and sex?' and more importantly, 'Are we all happy with what we are doing or in this global world as we see other cultures do we like what they do better?' And finally, and maybe most importantly, 'Can we cherry pick specific aspects from different cultures we like and integrate it or must societies organically grow their customs?'

I don't know the answer to any of these questions. At the moment I take everything in my life surrounding these topics, from my grandmothers, aunts, parents to myself and my peers on a case by case basis. I've no hard and fast rules about how to see this issue in black and white because like so many emotional issues there are more factors at play beyond primal animal desires in our need for sex, aren't there?

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