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The Alliance Holiday Series
The Alliance Holiday Series is set in the present day. However, aliens, especially the Alliance fleet, play an important role in humanity’s interactions in the galaxy (even if most humans are unaware). Enter this alien world and follow these human women to the Alliance Empire, a matriarchal society where women have always ruled, but Alliance men have always dominated their hearts. There are few heroes or women being rescued. Instead, readers are led through complex traditions of an alien culture: mazes of alien courting rituals, obedience to strict religious codes, and often uncomfortable compromises, all while chasing romance and marriage. Every door is open in the Holiday Alliance Series. Each book is standalone but can be traced back to something the women in House Human discovered about the Alliance’s relationship with Earth 600 years later in the Renascence Alliance Series. An overarching story is intertwined throughout the series, but it is not necessary to read the books chronologically to enjoy the romance of each individual book.
Also available in ebook, and audio
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