Eternal Harmonies Series

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Preordained by the Alliance Gods

Eternal Harmonies Book 1

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Will Jane and Jei Find Each Other?


Jane Johnson, the goddess of humanity, committed herself to seven years of reincarnation in exchange for seeing her beloved Jei of House Rega again. However, the gods, Mir, in particular, used her devotion for her lover for their own purposes.  Tragically, Jane only had less than a year as Jei’s wife reincarnate. As they were publicly executed by sword in the Imperial Palace, holding each other’s hands tightly, Jei promised Jane that he would beg the gods for reincarnation so that they could be together in the next life.


The Empire knows who the goddess of humanity is.  Under their curious eyes, they have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman, devout, and a true citizen of the Empire.  Now she has come of age, the Empire waits impatiently to know if the gods granted Jei’s wish and the romance that swept the galaxy off its feet between Jei and Jane will continue. Will the goddess of humanity’s true other half be Jei in this life as well?


This new series, Eternal Harmonies, begins twenty-two years after The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 8, Alliance Date: 4th day of the 28th week of the year 18930, Earth Date: July 13rd, 2662. This is a standalone book. Release date, 2022.

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