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A Powerful Alien Empire Run By Women Across the Galaxy

The Renascence Alliance is a science fiction romance series is composed of eight books plus two companion books to bring readers the most information about the Alliance Empire in the 27th century. I write science fiction romance where women are the main actors and are, as much as they can be, in control of their destinies.

The Renascence Alliance Series is true to the science fiction genre in that it makes the reader question their own morality in the characters' situations. There are no heroes or women being rescued in any of my stories, instead, readers are led through a maze of alien courting customs, strict religious codes, and compromises, often uncomfortable, between men and women to come to solutions that work for both within the confines of Alliance culture. However, there is a larger overall story intertwined throughout the books, so you do get more if you know what has taken place beforehand.

Although it is possible to read almost every book as a standalone. At the end of each blurb are recommended books to read beforehand from the series for more insight, if you are interested. The Renascence Alliance Series begins in two places, “Married to the Alien Admiral, Renascence Alliance, Book One” or “Married to the Alien Doctor, Renascence Alliance Book Two.” Both are standalone books. Both companion books are also standalone, especially "Seven Days on the Capital Planet, Renascence Alliance Book 10" which is scheduled for release in 2022.

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