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ISSUE RESOLVED! UPDATE: FYI: ATTN: AUDIO FANS: “Married to the Alien Admiral” Mix UP!

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Thankfully, this issue has finally been resolved, however, do not hesitate to reach out to me in the future if another audiobook mix up happens. As I said, as an author, I cannot see what files Audible has with what books, because the copy in my library will always be what my narrator and I originally submitted. Thank you.

A x

Hello Audio Fans!

I just wanted to let you know that ACX/Audible has mixed up these two titles after I continuously emailed them not to mix them up over the past months. I am still emailing with them, to rectify the situation but please do not buy Married to the Alien Admiral of the Fleet, Renascence Alliance Book# 4, ASIN: B087D1K8HVAudiobook until further notice as Audible has Married to the Alien Admiral, Renascence Alliance Book# 1, ASIN: B08GD4WZ58 in both places, despite it being different narrators, different titles and my constant emails to the help desk (and their assurance that it is not mixed up).

Watch this space and I will let you know when this issue is resolved.

I am so sorry for this, and I hope that you all got a refund for your audiobook and please know, unlike KDP, I have no control over the audiofiles once they pass a qualtiy inspection. ACX/Audible mixed up the files and somehow still cannot see that they are wrong. Please do not think that my standards are so low that I would continue to have the wrong audiobook in the wrong place after I had been told otherwise.

I hope you all are well and are having a good start to the New Year and please keep in touch! I thank you all who reached out to me about this issue. These are just some of the few struggles indie authors have when trying to produce audiobooks, no one listens to us, but I love my audiobooks, so I will rectify this and keep on making them, despite the struggle. Thank you all for listening!

Best wishes,


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