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"Married to the Alien Admiral" removed from the “LGBTQ+ Science Fiction" Category

My book “Married to the Alien Admiral” has been removed from the “LGBTQ+ Science Fiction” category.

I can only guess, as Amazon has not answered my question directly, that they believe a human woman married to a male alien who is also in an intimate relationship with a female alien is not bisexual.

Granted, if you only look at the new cover, you wouldn't know, but as the author, I know, and in the blurb, it says:

This book contains explicit romantic scenes with aliens of both sexes for mature audiences.

I wanted to post this so that people didn't get the wrong impression and think that I was trying to hide this character's sexuality from readers.

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Veronica Worthington
Veronica Worthington
22 sept 2022

Which organization/company removed it from the "plus non-binary" category? I'll write them a somewhat politely worded email that nonetheless manages to indicate they are numbskulls. (I can be helpful like that.)

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Alma Nilsson
Alma Nilsson
26 sept 2022
Contestando a

Thank you, Veronica. Amazon removed it. The LGBTQ+ Science Fiction category must be requested, or the algorithm puts it there automatically based on the book's content. "Married to the Alien Admiral" had always been in the LGBTQ+ Science Fiction category based on my keywords of "bisexual female character" and the book's content with intimate scenes with both a man and woman, respectively. Then it was removed a few weeks ago without anyone notifying me. I have contacted Amazon a few times about it, but Amazon will not put the book back in the LGBTQ+ Science Fiction category and will not tell me why my book does not meet this category's requirements.

My guess is that the people at Amazon deciding…

Me gusta
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