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Was She His Human Pet?

In my Christmas novella, Married to the Yuletide Alien, Tei admits to having bought Tove as a pet on Gala Station. As this book is set in present-day, I used references from what Jane Johnson had found out in the High Council Library when she was Head of House Human and from her own personal experiences with Admiral Jei (please see the excerpt below).

Excerpt from Married to the Alien Admiral of the Fleet, Renascence Alliance Book 4

The men disrobed her all at once. Then they tied her hands at her wrists. They surrounded her, touching her as if they had never seen a human woman before. They were purposely speaking in the men’s language to keep her ignorant of their plans as they circled her and pointed. It made her uncomfortable and almost scared, but at the same time very excited. They were all still clothed as she stood there bound and naked.

“Centuries ago, Alliance men would catch human women and keep them onboard their ships as pets. Then the men would play with them. Would you liked to be played with human?” Jei asked her.

Jane couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she had to admit she was aroused by the thought of these muscular grey men doing what they liked with her. One began to pet her vulva like a human would a cat, but another struck her bottom for her not answering Jei she assumed.

“Speak human,” he commanded.

*End of Excerpt.

Then Mara, the next Head of House Human and Jade discover what Jane had marked as important and discuss why the Alliance Empire would have kept human pets and what the change in the Galactic Court’s laws would have meant to those humans and their Alliance owners (please see the excerpt below).

Excerpt from Restaurateur in the Alliance Empire, Renascence Alliance Book 6

The High Council guards allowed them entry, and they walked in. The building was like any other official government building in the Empire, big and impressive made of yellow stone and it had statues of the gods and goddesses everywhere. Once inside, they were guided into the massive reading room, the entire roof was an open skylight, and even in the daylight, the outline of Alliance Planet Two and Three were visible in the dark blue sky. Jade and Mara were shown to a small desk with a little sign that read ‘House Human.’

The desk had a computer that allowed access to all of Jane’s notes and most of the High Council’s documents. The librarian assured them that when they sat at the desk and activated privacy mode, no one would be able to hear their conversation or read what they were viewing, but that there would be no visible forcefield.

Once they sat down, Mara began looking through the files as if she were going through someone’s diary, “Oh boy, look at this one. Human pets!” She whispered as she opened the file before Jade could tell her not to.

“That’s from over 600 years ago. Who cares? And we don’t need to whisper.”

Mara looked at Jade with a surprised look, and then said in a louder voice, “Who cares? Are you mad? Humans as pets!”

As Mara refused to close the file, they both began reading. The file was not nearly as exciting as it first seemed. It was just a lot of legal documents about humans no longer being able to be owned as pets.

“See, I told you it wouldn’t be that interesting,” said Jade. “Just a bunch of legal documents. But those fines from the GC do look substantial even from 600 years ago.”

“Aww, look at these women,” Mara said, bringing up a photo of human women wearing leashes with their breasts and vulvas exposed. “They almost look cute. I wonder if women had more pubic hair back then? All of these women are very hairy.”

“It looks like they are in a strange kind of pet show,” said Jade, and they both peered in to read the caption. Then they looked at each other.

“It was a pet show!” they said at the same time.

“I told you we shouldn’t waste our time with that,” said Jade, disgusted. She would never be able to get that image out of her mind. The women with their excessive pubic hair being paraded around by Alliance men.

“It says here,” Mara said, “That human pets weren’t allowed on any of the Alliance Planets but were only kept onboard starships and at space ports for companionship.”

“I’m sure I know exactly what kind of ‘companionship’ they are talking about,” said Jade. “It’s wrong. I’m glad this human pet trade was stopped by the GC and that they were fined. It makes me angry to think about. Those poor women. Can you imagine how scared they must have been? And degraded to be paraded around like that.”

“Yes,” Mara agreed, “But I can’t look away. I wonder if Jane felt the same way, and that’s why she marked it as ‘important’?” Mara continued to look through the file, “It says here that hybrid children were integrated into Alliance society. Oh galaxies, this is why Jane marked it as important Jade. It wasn’t that they took us as pets, even 600 years ago they were using humans to keep their gene pool diverse. They just used the guise as pets as, look here, the GC wouldn’t allow any formal contact with humans until we reached technology stage two.”

Jade reread what Mara had just read, “But their population is massive compared to humanity’s why would they need to keep their gene pool diverse? It is diverse, isn’t it?”

Mara and Jade both looked at each other, and then Mara asked, “Do healthy populations suffer from demographics issues?”

Jade shook her head, “I don’t know. When I investigated whether or not humanity had ever suffered from such gender imbalances, all I could find were specific regions that had been struck by war.”

“Fewer female babies?” Mara asked.

“No, the opposite. There were fewer males. Apparently, it’s natural selection as you need more women to rebuild a population. And as you know women have greater stamina, we are built to survive the long race of life better than men,” Jade said. Once human women had been allowed to participate in sports it only took a few centuries for it to become noticeably clear that women were built for endurance. And now most women’s sports competitions on Earth took place over weeks, and the men who entered finished days behind the winning woman. Jade knew that Kara had once competed in such a race. It was a trek for two weeks somewhere in Scotland and she had come in second place to a woman who had even been breastfeeding during her breaks in the race. “This is all so strange. I’m no scientist, but I would say the Empire has known about this demographics problem or whatever is really going on for longer than a few decades.”

*End of Excerpt.

You do not need to read any of the Renascence Alliance Series to enjoy Married to the Yuletide Alien, however it does add more to the story if you are familiar with these scenes!

Married to the Yuletide Alien releases 20/12/2022 for $0.99 and will be in KU.

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