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Why was Drusilla Subjected to a Medical Experiment to Orgasm?

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Recently there have been many reviews about “Married to the Alien Doctor, Renascence Alliance Book 2,” where reviewers have been genuinely confused as to why Drusilla James was singled out for a particular test during her medical exam at Space Port One when she and the rest of the Dakota’s crew first arrived in the Empire. This test which only she was subjected to was to discover whether or not her physical body could reach orgasm.

In that scene, the Alliance doctors wanted to test her physical ability because, by Drusilla’s own account moments before she was administered the test, she said she was sexually active but never had an orgasm. This was troubling to the doctors because in the Alliance Empire if a woman does not orgasm before penile penetration, it is considered rape. The only reason human women had been invited into the Empire was to marry men and have children. If Drusilla’s physical body cannot reach orgasm, she will be useless to the Empire because no man will ever have sex with her because of their own customs regarding intercourse.

The Alliance Empire is a place that has always been ruled by women. Everything from the clothing to the societal customs around childbirth and sex are constructed to suit women. As you read through the series, it becomes more apparent that men, despite the Contracts which are introduced in Book 2, men are far from equal. By the time you read Book 8, “The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home,” it should be most apparent that men are seen as well-below women in the Alliance Empire.

My whole point of writing this science fiction series is to ask the question:

What would a world look like if women had always been the dominant gender?

I hope I have cleared up this confusion about why Drusilla was singled out to test her body's physical ability to reach orgasm.

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