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Will Jane and Jei Be Reunited? "Preordained by Alien Gods, Alien Guards of the Temple, Book One"

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Preordained by Alien Gods, Alien Guards of the Temple, Book 1, Excerpt:

Jane opened her eyes and knew at once that she was in the Afterlife. She remembered everything that had just happened in the Great Hall of the Imperial Palace. Kara’s brown eyes silently saying to her, I-am-sorry-my-friend and the feel of Jei’s cool strong hands in her own. His fearless expression as they were both executed. “Jei,” she said as if he were somewhere here hidden in this vacant room. She even checked her hands as if he might still be holding them, but her human hands were empty. Jane turned her head and looked around the temple that she recognized all too well as the Afterlife for the gods, and it appeared unoccupied. However, she knew it was not. Jane stood, straightening her Alliance goddess dress made of green, and demanded into the vast and uninhabited temple, “Stop hiding and let me see my husband.”

The goddess of home appeared then, “The goddess of humanity has no husband. And your time here is short. You will be reincarnated soon. Mir never wanted to see us during this time. We assumed the same would be true for you.”

Jane didn’t care about seeing the other gods right now, “You are wrong. I married Jei as the goddess of humanity. I know Jei is here. This is the Afterlife, and no one was a more loyal citizen to the Empire than Jei of House Rega. Please give me these moments with him before I am reincarnated.”

“No, our agreement did not include you marrying him as the goddess of humanity. You married him under your mortal name. If you had wanted it to be forever, you would have had to go to the Underworld. Search your heart. You know that what I say is true. Now, what good would it do you to see Jei now, but to cause you more pain?” the goddess of home asked. “You have already said your ‘goodbyes’ in your mortal forms.”

“Will Jei also be reincarnated?” Jane asked. She remembered his last words to her, ‘I will beg the gods for reincarnation.’

“He is negotiating with the god of war and Mir now.”

"Where?" Jane asked, walking in no particular direction in the large temple as if she might stumble upon their discussion. "I want to go there." When she realized she was getting nowhere, as if she was only walking in place, she pleaded with the goddess of home, “Oh, please take me to him. Just one last time." Jane feared that she would forget him when she was born again, and she wanted to hold on to her feelings for Jei, and her first life as Jane Johnson for as long as possible.

The goddess of home felt real pity for Jane, “He really is your true other half.” She touched a finger over her heart, “And you feel it, even in your pure goddess form.”

Jane made the same gesture, “Even as the goddess of humanity he is. Doesn’t that count for something?” she begged.

“Yes,” the goddess of home replied. “Because I take pity on you now, I will tell you this. You have reason to hope that Jei will be successful in persuading the god of war and Mir to allow him to be reincarnated in your next life. Now you must go. It’s time for your next birth. Walk in our light, Jane, the goddess of humanity. You will have a lot to do in balancing the peace. Drusilla will falter in her old age.”

“Will I remember any of this conversation or who I even am?”

“You will remember what is important for you to recall when it’s suitable. Go now, don’t be late.”

Jane didn't know how to go but soon realized she didn't need to. Without warning, her body began to disappear as quickly as it had appeared, and the next thing she saw was darkness, felt heat, and heard screaming.


In the Afterlife for mortals, Jei was kneeling before the god of war and Mir, the god of peace, begging, “Please let me return to the goddess of humanity in this lifetime.”

“You have nothing I want,” said the god of war dismissively. “You have already fulfilled your purpose. Sending you back for another lifetime would be redundant. I have no position for you there.”

“There must be someone’s place I could take?” implored Jei.

The god of war and Mir looked at one another, and then Mir replied, "My place is vacant. It is empty for the next seven lifetimes as the goddess of humanity will never be born a man. You can take my lives.”

Jei considered this, “But you are always born a slave, and the goddess of humanity will always be born as a maximum class woman."

“If you and the goddess of humanity are really each other’s true other half’s, then class should not hinder you in finding and marrying one another every time.”

"Before I agree, I want to know who Jane will be born to,” Jei asked.

The god of war and Mir both nodded, and he was shown an image of Jane being born again. Her mother was clearly visible.

Jei recognized Jane’s new mother and was speechless. It would be almost impossible for a slave to meet the daughter of this important woman, let alone marry her.

“Will you take this generous offer or proceed to the Afterlife, Jei of House Rega?”

“If I take your place as a slave, I will still be her true other half?”

“You were always so,” said Mir cryptically.

“And it’s certain we will marry?” Jei asked.

“Nothing is ever certain, but I promise you here in the Afterlife, and it’s a promise that must be binding and true because I say it here, if you meet the goddess of humanity in your next mortal form, you will both recognize at once who you are to one another,” said the god of war.

“A mere meeting will suffice?” Jei asked for confirmation.

“For recognition that you are her true other half and she yours?”

Jei acknowledged that was the question with a nod of his head.

“Yes,” the god of war replied. “However, you will never remember yourself as Jei of House Rega or Jane Johnson as you knew her, or even our conversation here. You will be a slave and only a slave.”

“What else must I do for you in return for this opportunity?” asked Jei.

Mir and the god of war both looked at each other, shared a smile, and then looked at Jei.

The god of war replied, “My humble servant if you manage to romance the goddess of humanity back to you, born into this lowly position, the entertainment you will provide for the gods and the Empire will be enough to satisfy your debt to us for this opportunity.”

"And if I manage, may I have the remainder of Mir's unused lifetimes to continue to be with the goddess of humanity for this one feat?" Jei pushed.

“These lifetimes are only for Mir to give away as they are his,” the god of war said. “But if he wants to give them to you, under these circumstances, I will not object.”

Mir looked at Jei, considering. After a few seconds, he said, "I will award you my lifetimes of reprieve only if you are successful in not only marrying the goddess of humanity but in having three children with her before your death."

Jei knew this would be difficult. It would take him time to find her, and he didn't know if she would already be older than he was. Before he could ask any more questions, the god of war raised his hands to silence Jei.

“You must decide now.”

“I agree,” Jei said hastily and resolutely.

Mir handed him a sword, “Then swear it, binding our compromise together by driving this through your heart and taking my mortal place. But be quick, I was supposed to be born five minutes ago.”

Jei took the god’s blade and, without too much hesitation, plunged it through his heart. The next thing he felt was cold and pain.


Preordained by Alien Gods

Alien Guards of the Temple, Book 1

Will Jane and Jei Find Each Other?

Jane Johnson, the goddess of humanity, committed herself to seven lifetimes of reincarnation in exchange for seeing her beloved Jei of House Rega again. However, the gods, Mir, in particular, used her devotion for her lover for their own purposes. Tragically, Jane only had less than a year as Jei’s wife reincarnate. As they were publicly executed by sword in the Imperial Palace, holding each other’s hands tightly, Jei promised Jane that he would beg the gods for reincarnation so that they could be together in the next life.

The Empire knows who the goddess of humanity is. Under their curious eyes, they have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman, devout, and a true citizen of the Empire. Now she has come of age, the Empire waits impatiently to know if the gods granted Jei’s wish and the romance that swept the galaxy off its feet between Jei and Jane will continue. Will the goddess of humanity’s true other half be Jei in this life as well?

The new series, Alien Guards of the Temple, begins twenty-two years after The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Series, Book 8, Alliance Date: 4th day of the 28th week of the year 18930, Earth Date: July 13rd, 2662.

This is a standalone book.

Release Date, 2022, Ebook, Paperback and Audiobook.

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01 de mar. de 2021

The Jane and Jei book sound like a wild ride.

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