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ALBA GOSSIP-The Ward of House Rega Steals a Husband!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

The Ward of House Rega Steals a Husband!

Last night Ellie, daughter of the goddess of humanity and the ward of House Rega, invoked the ancient tradition of husband stealing during the Lake Lavia Festival on Alliance Planet Two. Madame Ellie was seen handcuffing Val, the Outcast, Comma

nder of the Nage Horde, on her private festival boat and then escorting him to her transport and heading directly to the prestigious planet of Reima Two on the ship the Song, the flagship of the Nage Horde, which is said to rival our own flagship the Kzi.

All of Commander Val’s assets were temporarily transferred into Madame Ellie’s name for the next two weeks, during the Marriage Pause, to make the tradition of husband stealing legal in the eyes of the Empire. A bold move for Commander Val putting so much trust in a human woman he has only met once before.

Alba Gossip reached out to Admiral Jei for comment, but he had none to give nor did he give chase despite being in the Capital City when he received the news. It is anyone’s guess how he will respond to Madame Ellie marrying an Outcast or returning to House Re

ga unmarried. I think I speak for everyone when I say, no one wants to see Madame Ellie punished for this romantic tryst.

Just in case you’ve been in deep space for the last 50 years, Commander Val is an Outcast because his mother, Rica, formerly middling class of House Truy, married a human trader from Earth. Commander Val is a citizen of Reima Two and is the recent winner of the notable Yoli Race on Alliance Planet Two that is annually sponsored by House Rega. It was directly after the race that Commander Val and Madame Ellie met for the first time at the Victor’s Reception at the Grand Assembly Hall of Alba.

Will Madame Ellie decide to marry one of the most eligible bachelors in the ga

laxy despite his Outcast status, or will she return to her home in the Empire?

Pre-order The Ward of House Rega to find out! Click the book cover.

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