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Excerpt from "The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Book 8"

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

"The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Book 8" is now up for pre-order and will be released later this month. Always in Kindle Unlimited.

Excerpt from "The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Book 8," (FINAL BOOK)

Kara took one look at the Empress's traditional dress, a loose, floor-length black gown with geometric silver embroidery at the sleeves and hem, and said, "I'm not wearing that."

The First Imperial Slave replied, "You must. No Empress has denied wearing it for centuries. The fabric and design are still the same."

Kara motioned for the dress to be brought closer to her, and she touched it. She was surprised by the weightiness of the dress. It seemed to have double the black fabric that a standard Alliance formal dress would have, and she wished that the dress used the optical illusion so common for maximum class dresses rather than real embellishments. Kara lifted the silver hem to investigate the geometric pattern, and when she ran her finger across it, her finger bled. It was real silver. No wonder the dress was so heavy. Kara let go of it and shook her head, "I will design my own Imperial dresses. I'm the first human Empress, and I'll mark that in almost everything I do, including my appearance. Tir can represent the stability of the Imperial Family by keeping to the Emperor's traditional clothing."

The First Imperial Slave took the dress back with a frown, "As you wish. But I would recommend you pay homage to the goddess of home for the infraction. Light twenty extra candles or so."

Kara looked at Tir then to the slave, "I will consider it."

The First Imperial Slave then presented Kara with the ID necklace of the Empress.

As if one would need to look at the Empress's ID to know who she was. Kara was surprised the Empire made the Empress adhere to this custom. As she looked closer, she noticed the necklace had a large green stone in its center. "I thought only slaves could wear or own anything green. Why are there emeralds in all the Imperial jewelry?"

"Because," the slave said as if she were teaching a small child, "the Imperial Family represents the entire Empire, and green is the color of the slave class and the gods themselves. Those of us that are the most divine."

Kara moved to put the necklace on, but the slave stopped her.

"You will wear the crown, the necklace, and the bracelet all at your coronation and not before."

Kara withdrew her hand, "Okay, angel," she replied in English.

The slave bristled at the word, "We did not choose that word. It's not correct."

"Neither is 'slave.'"

"Kara, the First Imperial Slave, did not make the decision for the translators, don't blame her for the deception."

Kara turned on Tir, "Did you then?"

Tir shook his head at her and then, turning to the slave, said, "Please continue."

The First Imperial Slave showed the Imperial Crown to Kara. It had a circular jeweled base with seven vertical pinnacles emerging from it. "The Imperial Crown is symbolic of the Empire's place in the galaxy. The seven sacred pinnacles represent the light of the Empire reaching out through the darkness. These jewels," the slave used her finger to indicate the various embedded stones throughout the crown's design, "have been carefully chosen and represent an equal number from each planet in the Empire."

"It's unique," Kara said. She never much cared for jewelry and did not partake of the Empire's obsession with it. If anything, their relationship with jewelry made her more apathetic towards it. "What's left?"

The First Imperial Slave looked at Kara in disbelief, "Are you not awed by its splendor?"

"I'm human. I'm more interested in laws and ruling than adorning myself with jewelry," when she realized that she had said something wrong, she said, "It's not you or the crown. Trust me, I'm just human."

The First Imperial Slave made eye contact with Tir, and he assured her through a hand gesture of showing her all five fingers of his left hand that what Kara said was the truth and so she shouldn't be personally offended. The slave was personally offended as her life as First Imperial Slave was connected to these material objects which held just as much power as the Empress herself. She couldn't understand how Kara could be so dismissive of these objects as, without them, the Empire would not recognize her as Empress.

The next object she showed to Kara was the Imperial Bracelet, made up of many silver strands, representing the Empire's longevity. On each strand were tiny jewels of all different colors, shapes, and sizes.

As the slave handed it over to Kara for inspection, she said, "The tiny stones serve as a reminder to the Empress and her subjects that she is just one small part of the intricate and ever-changing Empire. Each Empress chooses a jewel to represent her rein with an additional silver strand added for her rule's duration. Typically, the silver strand is barely twice the size of the jewel."

"And did the last Empress have time to choose a jewel to mark her reign?"

The slave nodded and pointed to a light green circular jewel no bigger than the size of someone's pupil.

"How do you know that is hers?" Kara asked.

The First Imperial Slave looked at her new Empress in disbelief, "Do I ask you how you know how to pilot a ship or shoot a gun? Don't question my knowledge of my job."

"Point taken," Kara replied. "The sooner I pick out a jewel, the better. Many people would like to see me dead."

"And many more after you issue your sacred decrees," Tir added.

"The day after your coronation, you will pick the jewel along with other objects to signify your reign."

"What's the shortest reign an Imperial couple has ever had?" Kara asked.

Tir answered before the First Imperial Slave could, "It was Empress Rei and Emperor Loe. They only reigned for three days."

"What happened?"

"It was discovered that they were both actually men. This is why all Imperial duels are in the nude now so that there can be no deceptions."

Kara's curiosity was piqued, "How were they discovered? They must have been very good at keeping secrets and had a lot of close friends who also wanted to keep their secret."

The First Imperial Slave answered Kara's question, "They naively assumed that once they had gained the ultimate imperial status that they were safe to tell their secrets and begin demanding equality for men."


"And what? They were swiftly executed, and another Empress and Emperor were chosen from the Imperial Houses."

"Charming. Well," Kara said, looking over at Tir, "Let's hope we last longer than Empress Rei and Emperor Loe."

"Don't even say it, Kara. We are blessed by the gods."

"May you walk in their light," said the First Imperial Slave.

"Why does the Empress's bracelet also look like a marriage bracelet?" Kara asked.

"To signify her marriage to the Empire as well as to her husband."

"But what about the Emperor? Is he also not married to the Empire?"

Tir and the First Imperial Slave exchanged looks.

"My husband will be the first to have a male Imperial Marriage Bracelet. Tir," she said, looking at him, "You like your jewelry. You design it."

"Empress, it is unnecessary. The Emperor's role…" the First Imperial Slave began, but Kara cut her off.

"I want an Emperor's Marriage Bracelet. This is something that is not open to compromise."

End of Excerpt.

Illustrations of the Imperial Clothing and Jewelry from the companion book, "Jewelry and Couture in the Alliance Empire, Renascence Alliance Book 9." Always in Kindle Unlimited.

"Jewelry and Couture in the Alliance Empire, Renascence Alliance Book 9," video as a means of providing an overview of the companion book as it was written from an Alliance anthropologist's point of view. Always in Kindle Unlimited.

"The Disciple of the Alien Goddess of Home, Renascence Alliance Book 8" is now up for pre-order and will be released later this month. Always in Kindle Unlimited.

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