• Alma Nilsson

Earth Today-November 20th, 2639

Updated: Mar 18

Harmony Lane Takes a Direct Route to the Empire with an Imperial Invitation

The Alliance Empire’s second human, Empress Drusilla, has invited Ms. Harmony Lane, renown investigative journalist, to see the Capital Planet for seven days for an in-depth visit to show the real Alliance people to the people of Earth. Not only will Ms. Lane visit some of the most famous cultural sites of the Empire, the Promenade, the Imperial Palace, the Grand City Temple, and the Shopping District. During this time, she will meet with some of the most powerful people in the Empire, the Empress, Admiral Ota of House Ves, the High Priestess, and a few of the first humans who immigrated there, Chef Jade and Mara, Head of House Human.

Ms. Lane promises that she will initiate her Mind Body Emotion Transmitter from the moment she is aboard the Alliance Alpha Warship Dei with Captain Tol of House Joi on January 11th, 2640 that will transport her to and from Earth, assuring her of the highest comfort and security for the seven day voyage. As Ms. Lane always promises, she will deliver the truth unedited to the people of Earth through ther Mind Body Emotion Transmitter.

Not only will this be an intimate picture of the Capital Planet and Alliance Culture but of Ms. Lane as well.

As we have come to know all too well here on Earth, Alliance culture is religious and sex-obsessed, and through the Mind Body Emotion Transmitter, Ms. Lane will not be able to hide her pain, embarrassment, or pleasure from us viewing at home. Be sure to sync with Earth Today to follow Harmony Lane to the Capital City.

As chief international correspondent for ET, Harmony Lane has covered war and non-human conflicts in the Jahay-ze to the Agnorrian Empire. Lane has spent more than ten years reporting for ET and has interviewed numerous leaders both on Earth and further afield including many members of the Galactic Court. The award-winning journalist has also contributed her time to many in-depth documentaries about humanity’s place in the galaxy and she has earned the highest awards for her journalism.

Alliance Captial City Image: Alliance High Council 18908

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